Show You Care and Improve Customer Retention

Published on March 27, 2013

Why do customers leave you and stop buying your wine?

Business2Community cites a study by the Rockefeller Foundation that indicates a whopping 68% of customers who leave a business (across all industries, not just the wine industry) do so because they believe you don’t care about them.

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They believe you don’t care.

So how do you change that perception? How do you go from cold and unfeeling business to warm and caring brand?

The simple answer is that you get personal

You start connecting and engaging with your customers and club members. You spend “quality time” with them. You treat them not only as you would like to be treated, but how THEY want to be treated.


You share things with them on social media. You communicate via email and newsletters. You invite them to events.

You not only tell your brand’s story, you also make them feel — let them see — that they are an integral part of that story.

There are many engagement marketing methods and strategies to choose from, including social media, email, direct mail, newsletters, and events. Serious marketers use all of these and more!

Do you?

“Probably the biggest disappointment of all is how many wineries miss out on telling their unique stories. We know you have them, but 38% of you never share them.”
~ Lesley Berglund, co-founder and chairman of WISE Academy (Wine Business Monthly, Feb. 2013)

Some wineries do an excellent job of sharing their stories and making their customers and club members feel that they are a part of those stories. If you’re one of them … Well done!

But if you’re one of the 38% that Lesley refers to …

Or if you’re sharing your story but not maintaining a real connection with your customers and club members …

Then you’re not maximizing your brand’s engagement marketing potential! The good news is this means you have room to improve! So get creative and develop a plan to build a solid, strong relationship with your customers and club members.

Show them you care, and they’ll reward you with loyalty. Win-win!

Michele Peterson, owner of Exactly Write, is a professional freelance copywriter and social media expert who helps wineries engage online with their customers and club members. She is currently accepting new clients and helping them retain wine club members, boost their brand’s web exposure, and expand their reach through online engagement marketing.
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