Content is King … And Good Writing Makes You Reign Supreme

Published on May 10, 2013

Content is King

In 1996, Bill Gates wrote an article titled “Content Is King.” He was talking about information on the Internet, of course, and since then, the debate has raged over whether or not he was right.

I think anyone would agree that Bill Gates is a smart businessman and a savvy marketer. His “notions” have made him a lot of money.

So I’m in the camp that agrees with him about online content. Are you with me?

But, while I do agree that “Content is King,” I feel that there has to be a caveat … it has to be GOOD content!

We’re bombarded with thousands of marketing messages every day. The Internet is overflowing with information waiting to be accessed by just the stroke of a fingertip. And we can get information and entertainment on any number of devices.

So what does it take to break through the clutter and be memorable? How do you reign supreme among all those putting content out there on the Internet?

You simply must produce and publish exceptional content.

Design is important, of course. You must have a professional look and feel to your content (unless you’re making a statement by using an unpolished look).

But the words you use to convey your message, the story you tell about your brand … this is what will set you apart. This is what will make you memorable …

This is what will make your online marketing successful.

So choose your words with care. Even better, choose your writer with care. There is truly no better investment in your online presence.

I’d love to hear what you think about the issue. Even better, I’d love to hear if you think your web content is making YOU reign supreme! Leave me a comment below!

Until next time … Cheers!

Michele Peterson, owner of Exactly Write, is a professional freelance wine copywriter and social media expert who is focused on helping businesses in the wine industry increase their online visibility, credibility and profitability. She is currently accepting new clients and helping them engage with their audience through social media networking and exceptional web content.

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