Content is King! Put the King to Work for You!

By Michele Peterson

What questions do your prospects have about your product or service?

What objections do they use to avoid a sales commitment?

What information do they need that will convert them to customers?

These are Content Marketing opportunities!

Every company faces these questions, so every company — YOU — can use Content Marketing to make the sales process easier. You can create and publish content that answers those questions. Your content makes it easier to overcome those objections.

Great content gives your prospect the information he needs to let his rational mind know and accept that his emotional decision to buy from you is a good one.

You may have heard the phrase, “Content is King.” When it comes to marketing your product or service, content really is king, and you should put the king to work for you.

For example …

Let’s look at a house cleaning service …

What questions do prospects have about hiring a house cleaning service?

• They want to know about the process.
• They want to know about the products that will be used.
• They want to know about insurance and liability issues.
• They want to know if they can trust this company in their homes.

What objections do they have?

• It’s uncomfortable to have strangers in to clean their home.
• It’s just not that important.
• It costs too much.

So the content marketing strategy for this house cleaning service would be to publish articles (blog posts, newsletter articles, website pages, etc.) to answer those questions and overcome those objections.

The articles provide information that the reader finds interesting and useful, and at the same time, these informative articles position the company as an authority in their industry and as a trusted friend to the prospect. The content ultimately gives the prospect the information he needs to become comfortable making the buying decision.

Content Marketing is for everyone!

Everything you say about your company is content. What you tell a friend about your products and services … that’s content. What you tell existing customers about a new product or service … that’s content. Your answer to a question about something related to your product or service … that’s content.

The key to Content Marketing is to take all that content and publish it in a way that is interesting, engaging, and useful to your prospects and customers. In a way that will help you attract more new prospects, convert them into new customers, and retain them longer.

Content is king because content is such a powerful sales tool. Every company can use it. I hope you’ll implement a Content Marketing strategy and put the king to work for you.

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I’d love to hear what YOU think about Content Marketing! Please leave me a comment below!

Michele Peterson, owner of Exactly Write, is a professional freelance copywriter, web content specialist, and social media expert who helps wineries and businesses in the wine industry increase their online visibility, credibility and profitability. She is currently accepting new clients and helping them engage with their audience through social media networking and exceptional web content.

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