How to Choose the Best Freelance Copywriter for YOUR Project

Published on December 30, 2013

How to Determine which Freelance Copywriter is the Best Choice for Your Project - An Exactly Write blog postBy Michele Peterson

You’ve decided to hire a freelance copywriter to help you get your message out to the masses and make money by doing so.

You’ve searched a few out. If you haven’t, you can find good ones through American Writers & Artists Inc - AWAI (look for the “Circle of Success” seal to find those especially dedicated to mastering the craft) …

You’ve asked for recommendations from marketers and business colleagues who you respect …

So how do you know which of these copywriters is the best choice for you and your project?

Start with these 3 Basic Copywriting Qualifiers:

1 - Look at their background and experience. Do they have experience either with your industry or with the type of project that you’re working on? (For example: website content, social media, content marketing, white papers, email marketing, etc.)

The more experienced and specialized the copywriter, the higher the fee you can expect to pay. But you’re investing in results not simply words.

2 - Read their testimonials. Look at what their clients have to say about them and the results they delivered. Does anything resonate with you?

3 - Look at their writing samples. Pay particular attention to the writing style and voice. Is it dry and serious? Upbeat and bubbly? Edgy and irreverent? Does it match yours?

These are all important considerations, and a good start. However …

The most important criteria is how the copywriter reacts when talking to you about your project.

Are they excited about what you’re trying to do?

Do they have good ideas?

Do they “get” it?

A professional copywriter will consistently produce good copy for their clients. But when the client or project is one that the copywriter feels strongly about and is excited about … that’s when their copy can sing and hit the high notes seemingly effortlessly.

That’s the copywriter you should be looking for. That’s the copywriter who is YOUR best choice.

Your Turn …

What other attributes do YOU look for when hiring a freelance copywriter? What do you feel is the most important indicator of success? Tell me in a comment below!

Until next time … Write On!