It’s easier to retain club members than to constantly pursue new ones

Successful wine clubs can be the lifeblood of your winery’s cash flow.

So you work on your club. You create wonderful benefits of membership. Your clients love it and are excited to sign up. They’re members for 12, maybe 18 months. Sometimes longer. But then the (seemingly) inevitable happens … folks cancel their memberships.

Is this what happens to you?

Do you have a problem with high club member turn-over?

Try giving your members a reason to stay!

Why did they join in the first place? Sure, they love your wine. But that’s probably not the only reason they joined your club.

The features of your club appealed to them – the discounts, members-only events, special treatment in the tasting room, exclusive releases. But that’s still not why they joined.

You have to dig deeper and look at the BENEFITS of membership that compelled them to join. What does the member receive – on a personal level – from his membership?

Maybe it’s insider information that makes them more knowledgeable about your wines than the general public (and their circle of friends).

Or it could be their special social status as part of the inner circle of your fabulous winery.

Perhaps it’s just the sense of feeling special … the feeling of belonging.

Whatever “it” is, if you can continually evoke the emotion they felt when they first were compelled to join your club, you have a much better chance of retaining them.

Provide value and help your members use the features of your club.

They liked all of those features – the discounts, members-only events, special treatment in the tasting room, exclusive releases, etc. – that you offered to entice them to join. But how many of them take advantage of everything available to them as a member?

How many of them even remember everything that is available to them as a member?

So take every opportunity to remind them!

Engage with them via a regular email campaign, on social media sites, and with a monthly newsletter.

Give them tips and recipes to help them enjoy your wine. Invite them to visit. Let them feel “part of” what’s happening at the winery.

Need help? That’s where I come in!

You certainly don’t have to do it all yourself … or on your own! I feel your pain, and I can help!

Contact me today … Let’s talk about it!