Make it easy for the media to get the information they need to publish your winery's news

Freelance wine copywriter Michele Peterson can make your press releases and media kit Exactly Write. Wineries generate news. Lots of it.

You host events. You win awards. You hire new key people. You release a new vintage or begin bottling under a new label.

You need to communicate that news to television, radio, and newspaper journalists. To trade journals and magazines. To online news outlets …

Toot your own horn, and get that news out to the public in order to increase your visibility.

Your Press Releases

Journalists look for specific details in determining if your news deserves to be released to the general public.

That’s why effective press releases are worth the time, the effort, and the resources that it takes to produce really good ones.

Present your news in a compelling way … anticipate and answer pertinent questions … and you’ll have a better chance that your media contacts will pick up your story and consider it newsworthy enough to be published.

As a former journalist, I know what they’re looking for. As a professional copywriter, I can help you write persuasive press releases that get your winery noticed.

Your Media Kit

Once your press release gets their attention, journalists generally have additional questions and need other background information. Do you have a kit readily available that answers these questions?

Your story is easier to write when your media contacts don’t have to dig for the information they need. This helps them meet their deadlines and get your story out to the public in a more timely manner.

Truly, the last thing you need is the media losing interest in your story while waiting for a return phone call in the middle of crush.

Online Access to Your Information

If your winery is newsworthy (and whose isn’t?), an online information hub for your media kit and press releases is essential and will actually save you time and effort in responding to basic background questions.

Contact me, and let’s talk about making your media kit and press releases Exactly Write!