Frequently Asked Questions

Questions for Exactly Write Wine CopywritingQ: Can I afford to hire a web content specialist?
A: Can you really afford NOT to? Here are some things to consider:
• Who is writing your web content (website updates, blog, social media posts, emails, newsletters, special reports) now?
• How much is that costing in time and effort? What is the value – an actual dollar figure – you place on that time and effort?
• Would you like to see better results?
Yes, it costs some money to hire a professional freelance copywriter and social media expert. The results, however, are worth it.

Q: Do you do design, too?
A: While I can help with simple or basic design options, my specialty is the content. So I prefer to refer you to a more qualified and talented web designer if you have advanced design needs.

Q: Where are you located? What if I’m not near there?
A: My office is in Fresno, California, but I can work with clients around the globe. You don’t have to travel any further than your own desk to consult with me, and I can help you without traveling any further than mine. Isn’t modern technology fantastic?

Q: What do your fees include?
A: I present a proposal package for each project based on its complexity. You always receive at least one revision included in my project package.

Q: How long will it take?
A: Each project is unique, and we will talk about a timeline during the contract discussion. Depending on my current obligations, you may be able to request a “rush” for a critical project. There is an increased fee for rush jobs.

Q: What are your terms for payment?
A: I generally require 50% of the project price upon contract agreement in order to begin work, with the balance due upon receipt. However, special terms may apply for certain projects. Terms will be specified in your proposal.

Q: How do I hire you?
A: Email me today! We start with a free project consultation and proposal. Since my office hours here on the West Coast may not coincide with yours, please make initial contact via email. I will respond within two business days. Once we both agree that I’m the right person for your job, you sign off on the proposal, and I get started making your project Exactly Write.

Contact me for a project consultation today!