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3 Ways to THANK Clients as Part of Your Customer Retention Strategy

Published on November 6, 2014
3 Ways to THANK Clients as Part of Your Customer Retention Strategy

“What do you say?”

Every parent I know has used this phrase to prompt their child to “remember their manners” and say, “Thank you.”

You’ve probably uttered it yourself.

The act of expressing gratitude is universally practiced when it applies to kids receiving birthday presents at a party or even a cookie from Grandma. It’s a social gesture we take for granted in our personal lives …

But business is another story.

NOT all businesses have official Thank You campaigns to show gratitude and thank clients and customers. Many more do now than used to, but it’s still not ...

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How Internet Marketers Retain Club Members … And How Wineries Can, Too

Published on December 11, 2013
How Internet Marketers Retain Club Members … And How Wineries Can, Too

By Michele Peterson

What’s a customer saying when they sign up for a club membership? What do they really want?

It’s not just your wine.

When a customer enrolls in a club membership, they’re telling you they want a deeper relationship with your brand. They definitely want your wine (and at discounts if you offer them), but they also want the experience.

They want to feel special. They want to feel like they’re insiders, part of the inner circle …

They want to be part of your story.

Like wineries, ...

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Show You Care and Improve Customer Retention

Published on March 27, 2013

Why do customers leave you and stop buying your wine?

Business2Community cites a study by the Rockefeller Foundation that indicates a whopping 68% of customers who leave a business (across all industries, not just the wine industry) do so because they believe you don’t care about them.

They believe you don’t care.

So how do you change that perception? How do you go from cold and unfeeling business to warm and caring brand?

The simple answer is that you get personal

You start connecting and engaging with your customers and club members. You spend “quality time” with ...

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Passive Voice Eliminated (By Zombies)

Published on October 31, 2012

Do you remember English class discussions about active vs. passive voice?

Did you get it then? Do you remember it now?

Do you care?

Maybe you should! Especially if you’ve got sales and marketing copy published on the web. (And who doesn’t?)

Web copy is more engaging – more effective – when you use verbs with an active voice. Consider the difference:

A great time was had winetasting at ______ Winery.

We had a great time winetasting at ______ Winery.

Or what about this:

You’re invited to stop in and visit ...

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Are You Pursuing Customers or Attracting Them?

Published on October 6, 2012

Traditional sales and marketing models are all about pursuit … Cold call, knock on doors, deliver your pitch.

This method can be effective. Indeed, many great companies have been built using this platform.

But what happens when you can switch from pursuit to attraction? From hunting to gathering? From interruption marketing to engagement?

The Internet has made it much easier to attract and engage your customers. Now you can connect almost instantly via email and on social media sites. You can provide ongoing value and easily stay top-of-mind.

Isn’t that what you want?

The web also has made it ...

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